Get 100% Seed Germination Faster and Easier!

Get 100% Seed Germination Faster and Easier! 

Really? Yes, really. I am a fanatic and have an obsession about seeds and can I grow it. It all started with the  fasination of growing my own avacado tree and continues to present day. Since then, I have tried to fine tune (every year) on how to make my garden grow better with less effort and mess. Well, I have finally done it and I think this is a keeper.

During the winter, I need to keep busy and often I will eat something with a seed or a pit or even a cutting to see if I can grow it. (I told you I was obsessed) By mistake, I filled a used plastic OJ container with water that I stored sesame, poppy and chia seeds in for my Souper Spices Salad Shake and some of the seeds were still in the container. You got it, They sprouted and I added them to my back flower garden! On You Tube, I saw a man cut a slice of tomato, lay it in a cowpot, cover it with soil and in a few days, Voila! Baby tomatoes! By the way, I just did that yesterday with a heirloom tomato that tasted like candy and am praying for sucsess as they cost a fortune. I will let you know how this works in the near future. 

So, how do I get 100% seed germination?

I am always looking for new ideas for growing the best herbs and spices and love planting my vegetable garden so this year (in January) I ordered my seeds frome all different places and stumbled across the science of hydroponics. Obviously, this is not a new idea by any means, but wathching You Tube, I found you didn't have to spend a lot of money if you DIY! I did just that and invested $22.95. Plant food, and spun lava plugs!?!? Never heard of them, so I had to try it. I set up a simple hydroponics garden using cannings jars that I have collected through the years, plant food, yougurt containers, spun lava plugs and full spectrum lights, which of course I had. 

Not to bore you, so I won't get into the whole hydroponics thing,  but my experiment paid off in I way I never thought it would. I wan't too impressed with the quality of my plants as they got older (they seemed pale) but started realizing that EVERY seed I planted germinated in this thing call a spun lava plug. Usually I plant 3 seeds per peat plug and pray one will grow, so I did this with the lava plugs and 3 seeds germinated in every plug. I was blown away! 

*I had all of my seeds in order to be planted and started the 8 weekers in Feburary, then the 6 weekers and so on. Every one germinated even my last years melon seeds, which are pictured. Every plant has grown and are ready to be planted. We are past our first frost as of today, here in NC and I was going to plant last week, but thunderstorms were in the forcast, so I waited. If you live in NC you know what I mean....they are wicked. I lived in NY all my life and never seen it rain like it does here! I did however, plant sugar peas, cucumbers, squash and rainbow swiss chard 2 weeks ago and they are thriving. It's going to be a great growing season for me, maybe 3 for the early plants like basil, lettuce, peas and cukes. I am blessed!

*Note: I also planted celery, basil and oregano, put them in pots after germination and now have them in my kitchen window for easy access.

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