Barb Tranello, President Blender of Gourmet Herbs & Spices

Hello - Welcome to my Souper Spices Shop!

Ever since I could talk, I have loved "helping" my Mom in the kitchen and she would give me meaningful tasks of adding ingredients, mixing and, of course, licking the bowl. I took that passion and developed Souper Spices-A gourmet blend of herbs and spices for all types of dishes and cuisines.

Souper Spices are a gourmet blend of herbs and spices-NO SALT or additives. Just add one tablespoon of twenty plus different Souper Spice Blends to your favorite dishes and it is seasoned to perfection. Great for crock pots, rubs, dips, marinades, add to homemade breads, salad dressing, soups, salads and more. All 100 percent natural with no MSG or salt added. Souper Spices are organic, economical, convenient and easy to use.

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